As we gear up for the festive season does the prospect of Christmas celebrations fill you with fear and dread or happiness and joy?

Surely, it’s a time to welcome hot mulled wine, warm mince pies and drink and be merry. Why not do something crazy like the ultimate pub-crawl? (invented by the Irish of course). The 12 Pubs of Christmas all in one day!


Fancy the 12 pubs of Kegworth?

When was the last time you could have completed the 12 PUBS OF KEGWORTH?

If you started at the Station on Station Road you would have gone next to the Anchor heading back into the village along Station Road. Next would be the Cap & Stocking on Borough Street and past Mrs. Esslemont’s to the New Inn on Derby Road. Then it would be a walk up to the Oddfellows Arms on Packington Hill before reaching halfway with a dive into the Red Lion Kegworth on the High Street. A few steps to the Fosters before crossing High Street to the Ex-Servicemen’s Club. A short stroll would then take you to Ye Olde Flying Horse back on Derby Road before popping around the corner to the Lantern on Market Square. On the home straight now with the Brittania on London Road before reaching the finishing post at the Otter on the A6 towards Loughborough.

The pubs in bold are the only ones left from days gone by and have now been joined by the Coach House on High Street and Crane & Wells on Market Square. Along the way even the local butchers swapped buildings with Ye Olde Flying Horse. Ironic that the pub is now a butcher and the butchers is now a micro-pub!

So, when was the last time you could have planned such an event? 10 years ago? 20 years ago? 30 years ago, or even 40 years ago? No more like 50 years ago when the Ex-Servicemen’s Club sadly closed. In order, we believe the next was the Fosters, followed by the New Inn, then the Station and the Lantern. The Britannia succumbed and the Oddfellows next with it finishing with Ye Olde Flying Horse in the heart of the village. Unless you know differently?

So, we are left with six pubs in all. Some say five as the Otter is predominately a restaurant and some would say even less.

Nevertheless, it is important that we don’t lose anymore as every time we lose a bit of the community.

Indeed, CAMRA views a community pub as “a licensed hub which encourages social interactions and puts something back into the communities it serves”. By “encourage social interactions” it means discussion and conversation between customers, whether those customers be family, friends, acquaintances or strangers.

Christmas is a time where people naturally come together. Visiting friends and family, church services, carol singing, festive celebratory meals to name just a few. Let’s make sure it also includes your local Public House. Even if you don’t drink you can expect a warm welcome and certainly at the Red Lion, a roaring fire and a wide selection of teas and coffees, festive decorations and a clean and friendly environment for all. Why not try the pub out this Christmas?

You could be surprised. We do offer lots of beer choices but also fine wines, fizz, countless gin cocktails and non-alcoholic, gluten free or vegan options, along with a fine selection of freshly prepared food.

You never know, you could meet a friend for life. Have a great Christmas.